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Many of these scientific finds demand a re-evaluation of supposed billion-year ages.

* Opals Can Form in "A Few Months" And Don't Need 100,000 Years: A leading authority on opals, " More knowledgeable scientists resist the uncritical, group-think insistence on false super-slow formation rates (as also for manganese nodules, gold veins, stone, petroleum, canyons and gullies, and even guts, all below).

Like galaxies evolving too quickly, galaxy clusters, and even human feet (which, like Mummy DNA, challenge the Out of Africa paradigm), jellyfish have gotten into the act squeezing evolution's timeline, here by 200 million years when they were found in strata allegedly a half-a-billion years old.

Other examples, ironically referred to as Medusoid Problematica, are even found in -Cambrian strata.

Regarding opals, Darwinian bias led geologists to long ignore possible quick action, as from microbes, as a possible explanation for these mineraloids.

For both in nature and in the lab, opals form rapidly, not even in 10,000 years, but in weeks.

- 171 tadpoles of the same species buried in diatoms.

However a tiny Mojave desert fish is having none of it.

So, polystrate fossils that condense the time of strata deposition from eons to hours or months, include: - Jellyfish in central Wisconsin were not deposited and fossilized over a million years but during a single event quick enough to trap a whole school.

(This fossil school, therefore, taken as a unit forms a polystrate fossil.) Examples are everywhere that falsify the claims of strata deposition over millions of years.

Rather than having been genetically isolated from other fish for 13,000 years (which would make this small school of fish older than the Earth itself), according to a paper in the journal , actual measurements of mutation rates indicate that the genetic diversity of these Pupfish could have been generated in about 100 years, give or take a few.

* Polystrates like Spines and Rare Schools of Fossilized Jellyfish: Previously, seven sedimentary layers in Wisconsin had been described as taking a million years to form.

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By 2011 it had been naturally transformed into a stalagmite (left).

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